are your new year’s resolutions going? If you’re like me, you’re feeling strong. You’ve worked out. You had a salad and water for dinner instead of a burger and a beer. How long will that last? If you’re like me, it’ll be about three more days until you crack.  This post strives to help you strategize and achieve your goals.

In Erika Andersen’s book, “Being Strategic,” she discusses how to achieve your hoped-for future (See my last blog post).  Strategies—core directional choices—and tactics—actions to support your strategies—determine your path to this future. How can you be sure that your strategies are going to help you achieve your goals? Erika gives us the acronym, FIT, which stands for feasible, impactful and timely, to help us organize our goals.

Select your strategy. For this blog, I’ll use one of my “New Year, New Me: Look and Feel Fabulous” strategies: Workout for an hour, five days a week.


Erika writes that “feasibility simply means deciding whether you can actually make a given effort.” Be realistic. Do you have the time and resources to do this? Don’t forget any foreseen obstacles. My obstacles include day light, funds for gym memberships/classes and graduate school classes. My flexible definition of “workout” will allow me to walk, run, zumba, swim, ect, allowing me to overcome obstacles of location, funds and time.


In business terms, you might consider this phrase this question, “Am I getting enough bang for my buck?” Given my current plan, I don’t intend on paying anything for my workouts. In this instance, time is my currency. The question for me will be “Am I using my allotted hour effectively to achieve my goals?” Considering I am starting at zero workouts a week, an increase to five times a week appears to have logical and immediate impact.


“Timeliness focuses on two things: ordinality….and opportunity,” Erika writes. Ordinality means the order—when do things have to be done? Opportunity is about having the chance to do it. Andersen advises that strategies have a year to year-and-a-half timeline, giving you time to achieve them. Considering my ultimate goal is to lose weight to be healthier, this strategy should help me achieve that over the next 12 to 18 months.

It is important to run your strategies through FIT and sort for impact. What strategies will work best at which times? In my case, there is no time like the present. So, here I go. New year. New me.

What are your new year’s resolutions and strategies?

Chat with you soon,

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16 thoughts on “Are Your New Year’s Resolutions the Right F.I.T.?

  1. Left behind resolutions years ago…I think they too easily fall by the wayside by February. However, I have a motto this year…I AM UP FOR IT!!! So far, so good:)

  2. Great points Gabbi. An article in our local paper mentioned how so many people make a New Years resolution, often to get fit. This is why our gyms and health clubs are packed in January. But because they do too much they stop after a short time with physiotherapists and other rehabilitation experts seeing a jump in their business. It’s a lose lose except maybe for the physiotherapists!

    • Over committing is definitely a New Year’s resolution downfall. I had sized mine down and even then realized I was over committing. I think I’ve found a more reasonable system now.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hey Gabbi!

    Love the acronym – definitely helps with these things.

    Here’s a quote I’ve mulled over “The future we always dreamed of is what we’re living now.”

    My resolution is a timely one, to get up earlier. I was reading somewhere that the world’s greatest entrepreneurs all get up at 5pm. What do you think of that?

    Beyond this res, I’m leaving bigger things up to my own will (like get a masters degree) because I know that’ll take more effort and planning.


    • Hi Greg,

      I have tried to be the type of person that gets up at 5 am, so that I can workout, read the news and seize the day. I’ve realized that, for now, it’s not realistic. I’m going to workout after work and commit to it. I can fit my work around my workout. I won’t sacrifice my health for my job.

      Good luck with your resolutions!

  4. I’m not much of a New Years Resolution person. The reason being is everyday is a new start. If there is something we want or need we should start right now today! I think the F.I.T acronym is great though. But if I can share any advice it is if today or any day is a great time to start going for a goal. And also with any goal everyone is bound to fail, so you must get back up.

    Another really good thing to do is for example: if you want to eat healthy, start by only having healthy food in your house. Or if you want to run everyday start by just putting shoes on and being outside.If you are already outside you will more than likely end up running. I guess in a way the inertia of doing smaller things helps. Have small goals and do small tasks that lead to accomplishing the bigger goal.

    I hope what I said makes sense. I’m not the best at explaining things.

  5. The fallout rate of people with their resolutions is so high – something like 80% quite by the end of February. I stopped setting resolutions a few years ago. I stay with intentions, and fit my goals and action steps into them. Your FIT formula is also perfect for them! Thanks.

    Over from LinkedIn group BHB

  6. I set a lot of little goals, but my main one is to say “Yes!” more. I’m a big fan of “No, that’s stupid” so I’m trying to be a little more adventurous. I think that’s F.I.T.

  7. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but I am constantly setting and resetting goals. The feasibility question is a good one for me. I tend to overestimate what is realistic to achieve and don’t seriously look at obstacles or things that might get in the way. Thanks.

  8. I love the FIT acronym Gabbi! I always tell my clients that their resolutions have to be realistic and come with a time frame and action plan. The other crucial element is a strong sense of purpose “Why is this resolution important’? So FIT fits this mindset beautifully! Thanks for sharing and best of luck in achieving your weight and health goal!

  9. My resolution is always the same – to be less sick than the year before. I may achieve it little by little, but it doesn’t feel like I’m achieving much when I am still searching to be well the majority of the time.

  10. Gabbi – Love to hear how you’re using FIT. I’ve found it so helpful both personally and professionally…very happy you’re finding it useful, too.

    Very warmly,

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